Sunday, April 22, 2018

Important upcoming dates

Testing days are about to begin.  This week we will do a lot of reviewing to prepare for our tests.

Please make sure your student is at school on the following days:

Tuesday 5/1- 3rd grade ACT ELA
           - 4th grade ACT Math/Science

Wednesday 5/2- 3rd grade ACT Math/Science
             - 4th grade ACT ELA

Monday 5/7- 3rd SBAC ELA part 1
          - 4th SBAC Math part 1

Tuesday 5/8- 3rd SBAC ELA part 2
           - 4th SBAC Math part 2

Monday 5/14-3rd SBAC Math part 1
           -4th SBAC ELA part 1

Tuesday 5/15-3rd SBAC Math part 2
            -4th SBAC ELA part 2

Saturday, April 14, 2018


3rd grade compared and contrasted the important points in two texts on the same subject. 

4th- Found cause and effect events in 2 different articles.

Both classes received new spelling words.  They will have a spelling test on 4/19.

Writing:  The students each received the same article on animal helpers.  Then some wrote a narrative paper based on the article, some wrote an opinion and some wrote an informational.  We will continue doing this for 3 weeks.  By the end of the 3 weeks they will have done one of each kind of writing.

Grammar: We are reviewing all the standards we have covered this year.  I am pulling small groups to work on specific standards.

Projects: We got ready for student led conferences. 

**Don't forget student led conferences will be on Friday April 20th anytime between 8:00 and 1:00.  These are student led so your student must be with you.  If you cannot come you can come before or after school the following week.

Monday, March 26, 2018


One more week until Spring Break!!

Reading: We focused on finding the main idea and supporting details.  They also received new Latin/Greek words on Monday and took a spelling test on Thursday.

* The students will not be getting a new spelling list unitl AFTER spring break.

Writing: We finished up the deep sea creature writing.  Come check them out in the hallway!

Grammar: We reviewed putting punctuation in dialogue.

Projects:  We continued working on our animal adaptation projects.  

Important Dates this week:
     * Wednesday March 28th @ 10:45 Music program in the High School Hangout
     * Thursday March 29th between 2:30 and 3:30- Animal Adaptation presentations in the cafeteria.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

3/12- 3/15

Reading:  I continued doing reading assessments.  The students practiced Cause and Effect. They also received new spelling words and took a Latin/Greek test.

They will receive new Latin/Greek words on Monday.  

There is a Spelling Test on Thursday 3/22

Writing:  We are finishing up our Deep Sea Creatures writing.  They are turning out great!! 

Grammar:  We worked on singular and plural possessives nouns.

Projects:  The students continued working on their animal adaptation projects.

Friday, March 9, 2018

3/5- 3/8

Writing: The students continue to work on their deep sea creature writing.  We should be finishing these up next week.

Reading: We started the 2nd trimester testing.  The students got their new Latin/Greek words.  They will test on 3/15/18.

Grammar:  We worked on correctly putting commas in addresses

Projects: We continued working on our animal adaptation project.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Reading: This week the students received their spelling words.  Everyone will have the same words this time.  All week we practiced using these high frequency words correctly.  We will continue practicing next week. The students should also be practicing at home. There will be a test on Thursday 1/ 25.

The students took a Latin/Greek test.  I was very disappointed with how many students did not study.  I remind them daily to study for this test.  They also have the new roots in their binders to study at home.  Those that received a 1 or a 2 retook the test at the end of the day. We quickly went over the words and then they were give 10 minutes to study.  Also all of the students received a 3 after this.

Writing: The students continued working on their snow globe writing.  

Grammar:  We continued working on plural vs. possessive nouns.  This is a very hard concept but they are doing a great job understanding it.

Projects: The students continued working on their weather projects. 

* Snack: Every day I have at least 5 students who tell me they do not have a snack.  I am no longer bringing extra snacks for students. Please make sure your student brings a snack for the morning and one for the afternoon.