Sunday, November 12, 2017

Week #10

Reading:  This week in reading we worked on literal and non literal meaning of phrases.  The students received new Latin/Greek words.  They will have an assessment on these words on 11/ 16. They also had a spelling test.  

Writing: We continued practicing correctly using quotation marks in dialogue.  The students took an assessmenton Thursday.  We also practiced using specific word choice to set the mood in writing.

Grammar: We reviewed parts of speech and took an assessment. We also continued practicing the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences.  We will take an assessment on this next week. 

Projects: We continued working on the 51st state projects. 

One more week and then we get the entire week off for Thanksgiving!! 

Don't forget, the students are supposed to read 20 minutes every night.  Also make sure they are practicing for spelling and Latin/Greek tests.  They have time in class, but a little extra practice at home would be great too. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week #9

Writing: This week the students wrote an opinion paper completely on their own for an assessment.

Reading: This week we reviewed the standards we have covered so far this year. 

Grammar: The students were introduced to subordinating conjunctions.  They practiced finding the subordinating conjunction in a complex sentence.  They also had to find the dependent clause.

Projects: We continued working on our 51st state projecty.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Week #8

Reading: This week the students learned about theme.  We talked about how theme is the moral of the story or lesson the author wants the reader to learn. We read different books and discussed what the theme of the story could be.

Writing: We finished up the best animal opinion writing.

Grammar: This week the students learned about coordinating conjunctions.  They practice putting two independent clauses together using a FANBOYS conjunction.

Projects: The students continued working on their 51st State.

Misc: Tuesday is Halloween. The students can wear their costumes to school. Please no masks or weapons.  We will have a school wide costume parade in the morning and party in the afternoon. It should be a GREAT day of fun!!

The students all received new dictionaries from the Rotary Club this week.  They were so excited.  They want to take them home but I asked them to leave them at school so they can have them to use.  At the end of the year they can bring them home. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Week #7

Reading: This week we worked on using evidence based terms when answering a question.  We read books and then discussed how to answer the question using evidence from the book.

We took a LG test. There will be a spelling test on 10/26. Make sure your child is studying!

Writing: The students are writing about which animal they think is the best.  They have done research to support their opinion. They are working on putting their opinion and the facts they have found together.  

Grammar:  The students learned that every sentence has a subject and a predicate.  Also, each sentence has a simple subject and predicate. We practiced finding the subject and predicate in sentences.

Projects: The students are finishing up their Nevada Symbols books.  Most have started their 51st State Project.  They are creating the 51st state.  I can't wait to see how creative they get with this project.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Week #6

Reading: This week we talked about character traits.  We read pictures books and discussed the character trait of the main character, using evidence to support the trait.

The students took a spelling test on Thursday. If they received a 1 their test will need to be signed and returned.  The students have some time to study in class, but please be sure to also study at home. They will be getting new spelling words on Monday.

They will be having a Latin/Greek test on Thursday 10/19

Writing:  We completed our ant opinion writing.  I am impressed with how well the students are doing!

Grammar: We finished up with regular and irregular verbs.  We then did an activity with comparative and superlative adjectives. 

Projects: We did our egg drop.  Only one egg was broken during this activity!!  We then started introducing our next project by making a Me Map.  

Picture re-take day is on Monday.  If you did not like your student's pictures send the packet of pictures back to school so they can do retakes. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Week #5

Reading:The students learned about 1st and 3rd person point of view. We read books and discussed which point of view the story was told from.

The students are getting into the groove of getting their edmodo assignments completed. They are having to learn to manage their time in order to get everything done.

They took their first Latin/Greek test on Thursday. They all did a great job! They will be getting their new words on Monday.

There will be a spelling test on Thursday 10/12. Don't forget to have your student study.

Writing:  We continued working on the ant opinion writing. I am very impressed with how well they are doing! 

Grammar: The students learned about adjectives and verbs this week.  We will continue working with verbs next week. 

Projects: The students are building their egg drop projects using simple machines. It's always fun to watch them in action.  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week #4

Reading: This week the students learned about the protagonist and the antagonist. The 3rd graders had their first spelling test.

They recieved their first Latin/Greek words. The first Latin/Greek test is on Thursday 10/5. All students should have their Latin/Greek roots in a sheet protector in their binders.  Don't forget to study!!

Writing: We started another opinion writing.  We read that had the point of view of a boy and an ant.  Both were giving reasons why they boy should or should not squish the ant. We then read non-fiction ant books.  The students will use their notes from these books to write an opinion writing of whether or not the boy should squish the ant.  They will use the ant facts to support their opinion.

Grammar: We leared about concrete and abstract nouns.  We watched a video with a very catchy tune to help introduce this concept. Next the students did a sort.  This was a very easy concept for them. We then moved on to adjectives.

Projects:  The students learned that they are going to be figuring out how to get an egg from the table to the ground using simple machines. It is fun to watch them work with their groups and figure out how they will be doing this!